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Tavakolian production group

Tavakolian producing group in 1979 with the construction of a broiler chicken farm in Zarandieh County, Central Province Founded In the fourth decade of service, the Tavakolian production group, as a producer of broiler chickens, Don and poultry feed concentrates are proud to have six broiler breeding units. Mechanized according to the latest standards and annual production capacity of more than 20 million chickens per day Meat will give its best quality products to well-known poultry Tavakolian Production Group Past Experiences and Utilization of Scientific, Technical and Health Achievements in the Production of Poultry Processed Feed The construction of a poultry processing plant with a daily production capacity of 250 tons has been completed and will be operational in 2014.

Central office address: units 9 and 10, No. 81, Jalal Al Ahmad Highway, Tehran

Concentrate Sales Unit phone number: 88243153، 88243154/ Fax: 88270919

Chicken Sales Unit phone number: 6-88269545، 6-88277355/ fax: 88270899